... music for the mind, body and soul.


Non-distracting, positive energy tunes for you to relax.

Everybody loves good pop music. It’s activating, energizing and it makes a perfect soundtrack for most of us during the day. My project relaxdaily can be also your perfect soundtrack for many activities and moods. But it’s different. Different to what we are used to listen to on the radio, for example.

Relaxdaily is a project dedicated to calm, peaceful, but positive music for multiple purposes. For some, it is the perfect music for a yoga session, some use it for meditation. Some like to have a non-vocal, non-distracting, but mind stimulating soundtrack while they to mental work, e.g. while studying or doing homework, while making plans, creating software, or while gaming.

My relaxation music has powers far beyond just the obvious enjoyment of the tune. Not only it can stimulate mind processes in a positive way, but also it can be healthy to the body and soul. People, for example, report they are able to forget their pain while listening, others can focus better on a specific goal, others are motivated to do “their thing”  in a better way.

When you come home after a stressful day, an hour of peaceful, calming and positive background music can be a healthy tool to cool down a bit.

Relaxdaily is not meant to be everything to everybody. You might find some of the above usages curious-sounding, while being familiar with others. That’s OK. As long as the music has a purpose for you and can give you some joy, I am a happy creator!

For more visit the project’s dedicated website, it’s Facebook page or it’s YouTube channel (simply search for relaxdaily, or click the tiny YouTube icon on the bottom), where I try to upload a new track (with video) every few weeks.


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