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Pure Relaxation: Relaxdaily – Essence1


March 19, 2012 Uncategorized Leave a comment

New eleven track relaxation music LP – free downloads to celebrate the release of Essence1

1800 cups of green tea. Really?

Yes. After visiting California and being creative in Los Angeles last summer, I quit drinking coffee. Now I run on green tea. My consumption is about one cup/hour, which sums up to 1800 cups after doing the relaxdaily project for 6 months now. The outcome: 42 calm tracks attached to 42 YouTube videos.

For the album  ”Essence N°1″  I tried to chose the eleven best tracks, the ones I like most, and the ones that got a good rating so far on YouTube, on the project’s homepage, on Soundcloud and via the relaxdaily Android app. For the iTunes release I also put in additional energy to enhance these tracks, to get them even closer to my artistic vision.

The result is 80 minutes of ambient background music that has the power to make you feel good.

Hope you enjoy!

- Michael

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