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Chocolate Rain 2.0 by Tay Zonday

Chocolate Rain 2-0

August 10, 2011 Collaboration Leave a comment

Congratulations on the new baby! Tays’ first EP –  ”Chocolate Rain 2.0″ – is here! Say hello to seven new songs and two remixes of the legendary “Chocolate Rain”, downloadable via iTunes and many other online music stores. The new songs are all written by the master himself. Guest on the EP are Olga Kay, Dave Days and Upwords.

For me, it was a pleasure and a good creative experience to be part of the production process. While the music creation and vocal recording took place in Hollywood/L.A., U.S.A, I did the mixing and some final touches in my home studio near Cologne, Germany.

While most tracks make heavy use of synthesizer sounds, you can also hear an acoustic guitar (which we got for 300$ from Guitar Center on Sunset Blvd.) on  ”Trippy City” and “Pop Pop Pop”. As an artist you always try to sound a bit different than the rest of the pack, right? And you try to develop. Probably that’s why the new songs sound quite different to the one and only “Chocolate Rain”. But with this new release we get a true Tay Zonday again, that’s for sure.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed the creating.

get your copy here

- Michael

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