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California 2013

Yosemite Valley by relaxdaily

November 22, 2013 Uncategorized Leave a comment

I’m soul mate with you Cali! Your wonderful people, your beautiful landscapes, great spirit, and (yes, it really adds) your sunny weather. Visiting the City of Angels and the Yosemite park this November again made me feel like being at home. There’s something about you Cali and I feel I’m going to explore that in the coming years more seriously.

This time I could visit the TAXI Rally again, learn and reinforce concepts of artist-entrepreneurship, see friends and make new ones. I was able to capture beautiful video footage for my relaxdaily channel in the Yosemite Park (hope to edit it and create some great music for it soon). What a place – it really adds to the spirit of California! I made big bold future plans on that (only two weeks) trip. Now it’s time to remind myself of them every single day and (just) go for it.

Thank you 100.000 YouTube subscribers!!

rdn073 - thank you

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Almost exactly two years after the first music upload to my relaxdaily channel on YouTube, today I celebrate the 100k subscriber mark on that channel! It’s such an honor to create music for this wonderful audience and a great feeling to receive acknowledgment of what I do in this way.


To watch my Thank You video click on the image above, or on the below link:


TAXI Road Rally 2012 !!

November 9, 2012 Uncategorized Leave a comment

I’m glad to be back in California! After the ASCAP Expo in 2011, which in the end led to my turnaround from being an aspiring pop music producer, to being an independent instrumental artist, I’m now thrilled to be part TAXI’s music  conference. Let’s see what happens this year. I hope to meet some great people again!

First million-view-video for relaxdaily

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Cool: About one year into my relaxdaily project I got my first small relaxation music hit on YouTube:  B-Sides N°1, a  150 min compilation filled with “B-Sides” from the first 6 months of the project’s musical output. Thank you guys!

— update 2013:

Hmm, I guess it’s more than just a small video hit for me by now. I’m so thankful for how much my work is being appreciated by the YouTube community. This might be a foundation of something bigger, something really meaningful. I’m looking forward to create something wonderful for (and with) you!

Pure Relaxation: Relaxdaily – Essence1


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New eleven track relaxation music LP – free downloads to celebrate the release of Essence1

1800 cups of green tea. Really?

Yes. After visiting California and being creative in Los Angeles last summer, I quit drinking coffee. Now I run on green tea. My consumption is about one cup/hour, which sums up to 1800 cups after doing the relaxdaily project for 6 months now. The outcome: 42 calm tracks attached to 42 YouTube videos.

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Chocolate Rain 2.0 by Tay Zonday

Chocolate Rain 2-0

August 10, 2011 Collaboration Leave a comment

Congratulations on the new baby! Tays’ first EP –  ”Chocolate Rain 2.0″ – is here! Say hello to seven new songs and two remixes of the legendary “Chocolate Rain”, downloadable via iTunes and many other online music stores. The new songs are all written by the master himself. Guest on the EP are Olga Kay, Dave Days and Upwords.

For me, it was a pleasure and a good creative experience to be part of the production process. While the music creation and vocal recording took place in Hollywood/L.A., U.S.A, I did the mixing and some final touches in my home studio near Cologne, Germany.

While most tracks make heavy use of synthesizer sounds, you can also hear an acoustic guitar (which we got for 300$ from Guitar Center on Sunset Blvd.) on  ”Trippy City” and “Pop Pop Pop”. As an artist you always try to sound a bit different than the rest of the pack, right? And you try to develop. Probably that’s why the new songs sound quite different to the one and only “Chocolate Rain”. But with this new release we get a true Tay Zonday again, that’s for sure.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed the creating.

get your copy here

- Michael

Behind the scenes: “This Is You” with Tay Zonday

Tay Zonday - This Is You - Videoshoot (6)

June 27, 2011 Collaboration Leave a comment

While many still wonder what made “Chocolate Rain” a must see, I decided to do a collaboration with YouTube sensation Tay Zonday. We met each other at the ASCAP Expo in late April where Tay was speaking about internet, branding and musicianship. We exchanged business cards and Tay mailed me a couple of days later: “I like the tracks you have on you site!” The next night we discussed a potential collaboration. I had my laptop with me and presented Tay what I created on my laptop just that day. It turned out to become the track for  “This Is You” by Tay Zonday (feat. Upwords). Read More »

quick analysis on “I Gotta Feeling” (the black eyed peas)

June 8, 2011 Analysis Leave a comment

I did an analysis on that already a couple of weeks ago, but I left that part of my brain back  in Germany I guess. While working now on a pop-dance project, which is very important to me, I did a quick structural analysis on “I gotta Feeling” (the black eyed peas), again. This song is different to most of the material we are exposed and I believe this unique concept is part of it’s world wide success.

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Touch my E – track by michael fesser

touch my e l

June 1, 2011 Track Leave a comment

Love it or hate it! Another michael fesser track.
This time I combine in an unheard manner the best of German “Schlager” with today’s US-Style production values. No fear. Experiment. Again. Win.

Something for J.Lo or Enrique?

How do you feel about what happens at 2:10 min?


discovery - track by michael fesser

May 31, 2011 Track Leave a comment

Track of the day is “Discovery”!

What’s that? You don’t have to love it by now… But it’s a possible direction where pop music will head in the next months. Yeah, we’re getting faster and faster. We’ll hear more pop songs above 140 bpm. We’ll sweat again in the clubs!
Like every bubble the “4to the floor” one will burst at some point. Pop music in 2012 will sound different then what we had in the last years. How? Who knows. It´s up to us creatives to define that with great new songs!

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